Akron Beacon Journal

June 8, 2022

Akron convening task force to explore adding electric vehicle charging stations

Akron is launching a new initiative to bring more electric vehicle charging stations to the city.

As electric cars become more popular, and with the anticipation of an even greater demand to come with the projected cost of owning an EV being lower than a conventional vehicle by 2025, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan announced a new task force that will explore opportunities to install more charging stations.

Akron currently has 22 public charging locations with a total of 29 ports. There is also one public fast charging station.

The task force will include representatives from the city, Summit County, University of Akron, the Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study, Gateway Group, Welty, FirstEnergy, Akron Energy, Akron METRO and several local EV owners.

The city is looking to include additional task force members with experience in equitable access to transportation, housing security and reduction in greenhouse gas emotions. Interested parties may contact Strategic Advisor to the Mayor Emily Collins at with their experience.

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