Welty Energy

Born Through Value, Successful Partnerships, and Extraordinary Experiences

Above all else, Welty President and CEO Don Taylor believes in three things — delivering extraordinary experiences to customers, building to last, and never being afraid to do what is right.  Those are the tenets that have served as the foundation for the sustained success of the company which has been serving the construction and project management needs of customers for more than 75 years.

Though Welty’s landmark construction projects dot the skylines of cities throughout Northeast Ohio, Taylor has built upon that foundation to grow the business into more than just a building company.  Its affiliated companies include Welty Development, a full-service developer focused on multi-family, corporate and healthcare opportunities; environments 4 business (e4b), a premier dealer in the contract furniture industry; inSite Advisory Group, a boutique regional economic development consulting firm; and Welty Facility Services Group, which offers comprehensive management services for facilities, capital assets, operations, and construction services for new and renovation projects.

And, notably, since 2016, Welty Energy, which delivers value through successful partnerships with utility clients throughout the Midwest and Northeast regions of the U.S. With expertise in program and project management, substation and transmission line engineering, Welty Energy has helped ensure the success of transmission, distribution and utility projects ranging in voltages from 4kV to 765kV.

Welty Energy was born from the long-term relationships Taylor developed with corporate, healthcare, education, and municipal executives since he took over leadership of the company in 1999.  It was a 2015 conversation with the CEO of a prominent utility company that got things started.  The utility executive wanted to know if Welty could deliver the same value in his T&D spend and eliminate waste by applying the LEAN principles that the company’s construction arm provided on a large construction project for a local hospital. The answer was yes, and Welty Energy was established the following year.

Since then, Welty Energy’s experienced and knowledgeable professionals have been partnering with customers to ensure that every project is a success.  They work safely and transparently to complete projects on schedule and on budget.

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, and working nationally, Welty Energy currently manages approximately $500 million in construction projects for electric utilities, driving efficiency and producing high-quality work as an extension of its clients’ teams. The mission:  To exceed client expectations, provide the highest quality services, and deliver best-in-class results.

The Welty Energy team’s commitment to safety and project success has resulted in zero lost time safety incidents, double-digit first cost savings, accelerated schedules, and built-in quality that minimizes ongoing operating costs.

The original staff of two has grown to 70, with more on the way.  Taylor remains President and CEO but relies on veteran energy professionals like Executive Vice President Bob Smith, Vice President of Business Integration Jay Griffith, Portfolio Director Gretchen Horn, and Engineering Director Michael Horn to handle day-to-day operations. In total, Welty Energy Leadership professionals have more than 300 years of combined experience in the energy industry.  They stand ready to partner with you and your team to deliver value and help ensure project success.  Most importantly, they are ready to start a long-term relationship with you by delivering extraordinary experiences.