Brian Martin


Brian Martin began his career in the electric utility industry in 1992 as a lineman working in the field. In 2000 he transitioned into contractor administration within the vegetation management group for the utility where he was employed. From there he transitioned into several other departments to learn and grow as a leader and subject matter expert. Brian has experience in distribution operations, storm restoration, construction, and maintenance. He is also well versed in transmission operations, spending time as a NERC and PJM certified transmission system operator. Prior to retiring with the utility, he transitioned back into operations and project management within line, substation, meter, and fleet operations in the very shop where he began his career. He gained extensive knowledge in budgeting, forecasting, and resource planning. Joining Welty Energy has provided the opportunity to share his knowledge and apply it to the Project Management group for our clients.

Words to live by:

“Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you”


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Q&A session with: Brian Martin

What inspires you?

Watching people grow and seeing them progress to the point of their own satisfaction.

What is the proudest moment of your career?

The day I first stepped onto a distribution pole I became the third generation in my family to do so (my son became the fourth). Since then, I have learned almost every other facet of the industry. Knowing what it takes to get the simplest and most complex tasks completed in a complicated industry gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction.

What you hope my legacy in the construction industry will be?

I want to be remembered as a competent and compassionate leader. Being a servant leader to those in my group, so that when I am gone, they will say “yeah, I really liked working for that guy”, and they can explain why.

Last book you read?

Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek